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Michigan American Legion Basic LEAD Course April 29th 2017

A great opportunity to learn about the great organization. The American Legion Department of Michigan Leadership Committee will be hosting a Legion College Basic Course of Instruction on Saturday April 29th, 2017 at the State Headquarters. To register and see the agenda click here:

Register and Agenda

Please spread the word and contact your Post Officers.

If you have an questions contact Mark at or 517-371-4720 ext 16.Sincerely

#Veteran Events & Announcements 4/20 to 5/6

Listed below are only the events I have for the next 21 days here in the Metro Detroit area, of which there are 5 new items. You can also go to the Legion 328 website to download any flyer for these and future events (thru August) at
If your group has an event benefiting veterans, or you hear of an event, please share with me so I can share with the veteran community.  I would rather get an event 3 times than not at all!  Please make sure any flyer lists address of event and a contact person!

You can also find many other veteran events & information for Veterans on the State of MI Veterans website, Detroit Public Televisions' Veterans website, and a few others:…

Macomb County Michigan Seeks Veteran Service Officer

Veteran Service Officer Department of Veteran Affairs  Macomb County
Mt. Clemens, MI
Salary - $34,410.45 - $40,482.88
JOB SUMMARY: Under direction, advises and assists veterans, their dependents and/or survivors in obtaining educational, financial, and social services and other benefits available through federal, state and/or local laws; reviews legislation, regulations, precedents, medical reports and service history to determine validity of claims; submits claims to appropriate agencies or organizations. QUALIFICATIONS (Education and Experience):
REQUIRED: Possession of a high school diploma or a certificate of successful completion of the General Educational Development Test. A minimum of six (6) months of experience counseling veterans on veterans' programs and benefits. Must be a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces and have been discharged under honorable conditions from the last period of service. A valid Michigan driver's license and an operable insured automobile for autho…

National Social Security Month

Take 5 Steps toward Your Financial SecurityApril is National Social Security Month and a perfect time to think about your future. We'd like to encourage you to take Five Steps toward Your Financial Security Planning for the future may seem intimidating to many, but we've broken the task down into five easy steps:Step 1: Get to know your Social Security — You and Social Security are on a journey for life, but there is so much you may not know about the benefits and services we provide. Social Security delivers financial security to millions of children and adults before retirement; including the chronically ill, children of deceased parents, and wounded warriors.Step 2: Verify your earnings — Your benefits are calculated using vyour employment records. You can use your personal mySocial Security account to verify that your earnings are recorded accurately.Step 3: Estimate your benefits — With our Retirement Estimator, you can estimate your future retirement or disability …