TEAM RWB Ann Arbor WOD with Warriors – 21 Guns Memorial Weekend Workout


WOD with Warriors – 21 Guns Memorial Weekend Workout


American military veterans advocate Team Red, White & Blue (TRWB) is partnering with Wolverine Strength and Conditioning (WSC) to hold a free WOD (workout of the day) for members of the Ann Arbor and veterans community Memorial Day Weekend (May 24).


Wolverine Strength & Conditioning hosts many free events for people of all skill levels throughout the year connecting people with their community through physical and social activity. On May 24, Wolverine Strength & Conditioning is working with Team RWB to enrich the lives of veterans. WOD with Warriors is a great opportunity to remember and observe Memorial Day in a respectful and meaningful way.


Anyone new to CrossFit can attend the May 24 event for free. Workouts will take place at 10am and noon, with a BBQ following each class. They fill up quickly so we encourage you to come early.


WOD with Warriors brings the CrossFit community, which we love, together with an even bigger community of veterans, which we are honored to welcome this Memorial Day weekend.


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"Team Red, White, & Blue (TRWB) is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization with headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their platform is simple and it's to "enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity."  It doesn't matter if you're a veteran, active military, or civilian. TRWB is for everyone in an effort to improve communication between Communities and their Veterans." -


Wolverine Strength & Conditioning opened Nov. 1 2013 and has grown into the premier gym to start and develop CrossFit athletes. We treat our current and new members like family, developing a community that cares about each other.




Wolverine Strength & Conditioning Team:

•             Thomas Reesbeck, Owner/Coach   (201-248-2742)

•             Chris Arcure, Owner/Coach

•             Mike O'Brien, Head Coach / Manager

•             Nick Pattaro, Coach

•             John Loudermilk, Coach


Team RWB Team:

•             Matt Spivey

•             Matt Blankenship

•             Ryan Taylor

•             Brian Logan

•             Chris Ciccone

•             Jason Lewis



                10AM WOD with Warriors – Memorial Day May 24 CrossFit Workout (Free Class)

                                10Am SHARP START

                                Warm up the body

                                Demonstrate the Movements

                                Prepare the Class

                                Coach & Review every athlete

                                Start the WOD (Workout of the Day)

                                                "21 Guns"

21 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

400 meter run

21 pushups

21 box jumps

15 burpees

9 pull-ups

                                Cheer everyone on!

                                Cool down together

                                Celebrate Fitness


                Noon WOD with Warriors – Memorial Day CrossFit Workout  (Free Class)

                                Repeat Above


Go America!


For more information, visit or email or call 734-222-9600

Contact: Thomas Reesbeck (Owner)

Wolverine Strength & Conditioning

680 State Circle

Ann Arbor, MI 48108


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