American Indian and Native Hawiian and Alaskan Veterans Survey

I am a Cherokee Veteran of Iraq and current graduate student (Counseling Psychology Program), who is carrying out a survey on Native American veterans, and their perceptions of and attitudes towards Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This survey has met exemption criteria from Washington State University’s Institutional Review Board. It is my belief that if we as Native people speak as a group through this survey, places that provide veteran services for PTSD like the V.A. and I.H.S. will listen and will add our suggestions and preferences for treatment/healing to programs intended to help Native Veterans. I am asking for your assistance in spreading the word about our survey among your organization, friends from the service or any other interested groups or individuals.
 The survey is open to anyone who is Native American and who has served in the military. They do not need to have been deployed or to have PTSD to participate in the survey. Below is a letter with more information about the survey and a link to the online version of the survey ( Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Greg Urquhart
Native American Retention Counselor, Washington State University
Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology, Washington State University
President, Society of Indian Psychologists, Washington State University Chapter

Student Representative, Society of Indian Psychologists

Veterans Career Coach, C.A.C.D., Washington State University

Student Representative, Psychologists in Indian Country (Division 18 of APA)
Student Representative, Human Animal Interaction (Division 17 of APA)
PO Box 641046
Pullman, WA  99164-1046
Fax:  509-335-0103
Phone:  509-335-8677

            We would like to request your participation with a survey for Native American veterans who may have experienced combat-related stress or know others who have. Our intent with this survey is to increase the body of knowledge about Native American veterans and their attitudes and perceptions towards PTSD and its treatment.  This information will contribute to increasing the body of knowledge about Native American Veterans. Your answers on the survey will be helpful to us in achieving this goal. The Washington State University Institutional Review Board has certified the study as meeting exempt status. All participants and their responses will be kept confidential.
The research team includes graduate students in counseling psychology at Washington State University, several of whom are Native American veterans and individuals experienced in working with veterans and Native American veterans. This study is being supervised by Dr. Phyllis Erdman, Professor in counseling psychology at Washington State University. We are interested in this area because of our personal experience with military service and a commitment to helping those who may suffer from the effects of combat.
We appreciate your time and thank you in advance for your help.  Also, if you know of others who may be interested in this survey please feel free to forward the link to them. Please click below to access the survey. If you have questions regarding this request, you may contact Greg Urquhart at (
Greg Urquhart
Nassreen Shah
Matthew Hale
Phyllis Erdman, Ph.D.


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