Promoting Old Glory - Jonesville Post 195

Originally printed in October 2014 MI Legionnaire

By Mark Sutton, PR Director

Like any Post that wants to be active, the Post must decide what they will be active with.  The American Legion has over 20 different programs under the 4 founding pillars that a post can promote and actively work.  The Boyce-Bunce-Carpenter Post 195 in Jonesville, Michigan actively promotes “Old Glory”, the Stars and Stripes of our great country.  They do this in 2 ways.

The first way they do this is by promoting and selling flags through the American Legion Emblem Sales Flag reward program.  In 2013, this post ranked 9th in the entire country for “Flag Rewards” and number 1 in Michigan.  Selling through the Flag Rewards program earns the post credits they can use at Emblem sales.  To learn more about Flag rewards visit and click Flag Rewards on the left side at the bottom.

The second way they promote is through the proper disposal of US Flags during their Flag Day ceremonies.  When you sell several flags, you receive old flags to dispose of properly.

At a spring meeting the commander told the group that one of our fire pits needed to be replaced.  One of the members said "why don't we go out to NEFCO Metals Sales & Service, and see if they could make us one?”.

Steve Harding, the owner of NEFCO, was happy to help and his creative workers and staff put together 2 fire pits (see picture) for the Post to use at their ceremonies.  “I just wanted to give something back to those who served" Mr. Harding said.  The Post now has 2 custom pits to use on Flag Day.

The pits were used at the Posts 2014 Flag Day event at “Freedom Memorial” park in Jonesville this past June.  They retired 100 flags that day. Proper flag etiquette is important to the fabric of America and Post 195 is doing what it can to remind the community just how important it is.

The American Legion Department of Michigan represents over 70,000 members in the State of Michigan. The American Legion was founded in 1919, based on “The Four Pillars”; veteran rehabilitation, Americanism, child welfare, and national security and continued above all its mission as a consumers’ advocate for veterans. For more information contact the Michigan Legion at 517-371-4720 ext 16,, or visit our website at


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