Military Retiree Appreciation Day Event - 20 September 2014

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22 July 2014
To Whom It May   Concern:
The Ft McCoy Lower Michigan Retiree Affairs Council, located at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan, are hosting their annual Appreciation Day for Retirees from the Uniformed   Military Services residing in Michigan and surrounding states on 20 September 2014.  
Request you publish or announce the following public release at your earliest convenience to facilitate registrations which will be closed on 10 September. If possible, please publish a second time closer to the event.
Thank you,
Michael F. Schmansky, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF Retired
Chairman, Retiree Activities Council
The Ft McCoy Lower Michigan Retiree Affairs Council is hosting the 2014 Retiree Appreciation Day on September 20th at the Joint Dining Facility, Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan.  All Uniformed Military Services retirees (including reserve "Gray Area" retirees within a couple years of full retirement), their spouses, widows and widowers are cordially welcome to attend.  
Conference subjects include pension, TRICARE Medical and Dental benefits, pending legislation, National Cemeteries, and VA   activities.   
For more information call (586) 239-5580, toll free (800)645-9416 x239-5580, email
 or view our website:
The registration form and tentative agenda may be downloaded from the website.


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