Air Traffic Controllers Job and training opportunities

Air Traffic Controllers Job and training opportunities


The Federal Aeronautics Agency (FAA) as you may recall is the Agency tasked with maintaining and controlling our nation's air traffic. Under the umbrella of the FAA, is the Air Traffic Controllers. These dedicated men and women sit in the control towers and radar communication centers directing the air traffic both in the air and on the ground (at airports).


This is a very difficult job and requires some of the best and brightest minds to manage the some 50,000 flights a day in the USA, not to mention making sure Santa's sleigh arrives in country with great haste. It is not a job for older folks such as myself.


The typical career of an air traffic controller is very demanding and as such they are very well paid. It is one of, if not the highest paid federal positions outside of the Senior Executive Service. The training program is also very demanding and not for the un-motivated.


Currently, there is a shortage of Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) in the US. I received notice that the FAA will very soon be advertising for ATC candidates who are younger than age thirty (30). Here in Michigan there is a need for ATC.


There is no requirement for a college degree, nor is there a requirement for multiple language ability, but there is security background check and the ability to achieve and maintain a very high security clearance.


I was asked to pass this info around, so if you know someone who is looking for a rewarding career with the FAA please encourage them to go to, find the posting, and apply.


Questions, my e-mail address is listed above and I will be happy to put you in contact with ATC folks who can answer your questions. You may forward this for widest possible dissemination.



Claude McManus, CMC(SW) USN Ret., MSM, CRPC













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