A Message from National Commander Dan Dellinger

Dear Legion Family Members and Friends,
As veterans, we have a special bond regardless of when we served. While there are millions of us scattered around this great nation of ours, we represent a tiny percentage of America's population.
To many people, Veterans Day is a day off work or school. To some retailers, this day of honor becomes little more than a prop in a patriotic-themed advertisement.
As members of The American Legion - America's Veterans Service Organization - it is up to us to deliver the messages of service, sacrifice and patriotism, especially on and around Nov. 11.
I hope that you will take time out of your busy lives this Veterans Day weekend to help honor all veterans and the families that support them. Many posts and communities have Veterans Day parades or similar events. The Hollywood post, for example, is hosting a nationwide telethon on Sunday night. These are great opportunities to raise awareness of the role that veterans have played.
If you are able to participate in larger events such asAmerica's Parade in New York City or the gatherings in Washington, D.C., I would encourage you to do so.
This is also an opportune time to not only reflect on your service, or the service of others, but to share those stories so that future generations will understand how we persevered to keep our nation safe. The Legion's Honor & Remembrance web pageis a perfect way to tell those stories. To contribute stories about your military service, a family's military legacy or how you are honoring veterans this weekend, please visit www.legiontown.org to submit a story and/or photos.
Thank you for working on behalf of veterans, servicemen and women, and the communities in which they live. 

For God and Country,
Dan Dellinger
National Commander


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