Honoring 50 years of Dedication to American Legion Baseball in Michigan

At the November 13th, District 18 meeting Wally Christensen was honored for his 50 years of dedication to American Legion Baseball program.  He was presented with a plaque from Department Commander Dick Chatman, kind words were said by local leaders and colleagues, and a special poem was written by Craig Hamilton. 

Thank You Wally!
November 13, 2011

Wally we’re here to honor you
For the lives you’ve touched by staying true
To values you live by and helped install
In your 50 year tenure with American Legion baseball.

Thousands of players had a chance to play.
You welcomed all teams, none sent away.
Players learned teamwork, sportsmanship too,
How to work hard and follow through.

You lead by example.  Endless hours you shared.
At meetings and tournaments, Wally was there.
One year, when you should have been off of your feet,
You ran district playoffs in over 100 degree heat!

Wally, you’re feisty and competitive too.
You fight for what’s right.  Your heart stays true.
Farmington’s your team.  Your goal was to win.
Although we were friends – “Let the battle begin!”

Farmington players played for free
Because you raised money to cover their fees.
The Legion baseball experience is a blessing to hold.
They’ll have fun stories to share as they grow old.

Thank you Wally for the lives you touched.
For the self less way that you gave so much.
For enabling young men a chance to play
And learn life lessons they’ll practice each day!

Craig Hamilton

The American Legion Department of Michigan represents over 70,000 members in the State of Michigan. The American Legion was founded in 1919, based on “The Four Pillars”; veteran rehabilitation, Americanism, child welfare, and national security and continued above all its mission as a consumers’ advocate for veterans. For more information contact the Michigan Legion at 517-371-4720 ext 16, mark@michiganlegion.org, or visit our website at www.michiganlegion.org.


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