Welcome Women Legionnaires

The changing face of the Legion
By: Wanda Torres
    Have you been noticing lately that the World around us is changing?  Our Communities are larger, our technologies are faster and very diverse.  Our wounds and our wounded are also very different.  We wear many new and different faces these days.
    Our American Legion is the largest Veteran’s Service Organization in America and I have always believed it is the best.  However, it will only remain the best if we all step up and do our part to keep Our Organization taking the steps needed to be the best.
    In past generations there were so many things happening to our service men and women that we did not understand.  Often, they would return home and have no idea how to deal with their physical and emotional pain.  If they were in a loving Community they may have found various ways to cope and continue on as a positive member of their Community.  Many self medicated and lost themselves in a bottle of booze, etc.
    Today we understand so much more, PTSD, physical and emotional wounds.  We want to be on the front lines here at home, welcoming our Comrades Home and helping in as many ways as we possibly can.
    No longer is the American Legion a good Ole boys club.  Many of the faces among us are now women.  Women who have served their country with valor and heroism.  These women are stepping up to continue serving their Comrades in the American Legion.  We need to Welcome them and join with them in putting forth all efforts needed for this American Legion to continue as the largest and best Veteran Service Organization in America.
    Negative behavior and sexist comments toward our female comrades put an ugly scar on our organization.  Let us at all times show respect, speak with honor and dignity and lift each other up.  This is the American Legion that we can all be Proud of! By doing what is right but honorable, we will see our Legion continue to grow and be the arm of care and encouragement to our service men and women, as well as their families.
    I am proud to be an American, I am proud to be a Legionnaire.

In Service To God, Our Veterans and Country
Your Fellow Legionnaire

The American Legion Department of Michigan represents over 70,000 members in the State of Michigan. The American Legion was founded in 1919, based on “The Four Pillars”; veteran rehabilitation, Americanism, child welfare, and national security and continued above all its mission as a consumers’ advocate for veterans. For more information contact the Michigan Legion at 517-371-4720 ext 16, mark@michiganlegion.org, or visit our website at www.michiganlegion.org.


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