Reconnecting with Our Veterans

Reconnect Committee?  What’s that?           
 It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are! 

The Reconnect Committee is constantly working to provide timely assistance to our Veterans, our Military Service Members and their Families.  A brief listing of the services we provide might include:

  • Providing Emergency Temporary Financial Assistance to our veterans and active military to  prevent eviction or losing their home or car
  • Attending National Guard Yellow Ribbon Pre-Deployment and Reintegration Workshops to educate our National Guard families about the many ways the American Legion can assist them.
  • Our committee members and volunteers drive thousands of miles each year transporting the Elmobility Room to Michigan’s Guard and Reserve units throughout the state.  The Elmobility Room provides their children with a safe, educational and fun environment to play during various Special Events Family Readiness Group meetings, Deployment Cycle briefings.

In cooperation with ACO Hardware:
  • Collected and shipped three tons of sporting good to our troops overseas in Iraq.
  • Established the Patriot Fund, (A permanent endowment fund to veterans of all Eras)
  • Established the American Legion Department of Michigan’s Wounded Warrior Retreat program which sends returning veterans and their families on all expenses paid respite weekends to locations such as our own Wilwin Lodge and Mackinac Island.  This program has grown to include partnerships with the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau and The Michigan Psychological Association Foundation.
“Veterans serving Veterans”

Since 1919 our mission has not changed.  Years have passed and the WWI generation may be different then our OIF/OEF generation in some ways, but in many ways they are similar. How they communicate is different.  As those changes occur we, as The American Legion, must adapt to those changes and work hard to stay in touch with every generation of veteran.  The Legion founders knew the best person to serve a fellow veteran is a veteran.

The Mission is the same, the tools change

The Reconnect committee is dedicated to using the latest tools to spread the word, you can follow us on Twitter (@LegionReconnect), “LIKE” our Elmobility Room Facebook page, THANK YOU Chelsea Kovacs and the Michigan Junior Auxiliary for their support of this worthy project. Use these tools to keep update on our activities.  Find us on the Michigan Legion website at and

We are not your “Grandfathers American Legion”

Our motto of "Veterans Serving Veterans" is truly a way of life for us here in Michigan.  We were all taught never to leave anyone behind on the battlefield, and as veterans that still holds true!  As a member of the American Legion, each one of us has an obligation to support our Veterans, our Troops and their families especially in times of need.  Just as those founding members had to determine the best way to serve the current and future needs of their fellow WWI veterans, so too must we embrace a similar forward thinking approach to serve our current veterans needs.  In doing so, we need to strengthen our position within our various communities by increasing our visibility, by forming partnerships with local businesses and charitable organizations, by working with community leaders and lastly by embracing technology and developing key relationships with local media that will allow us to demonstrate and communicate the relevance of today’s American Legion to our newest generation of veterans.

It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are! 

After all… 

We’ve been there, Done that!
We are Veterans Still Serving America!
We are the American Legion!
Get out there and wear your Legion covers with pride!

The American Legion Department of Michigan represents over 70,000 members in the State of Michigan. The American Legion was founded in 1919, based on “The Four Pillars”; veteran rehabilitation, Americanism, child welfare, and national security and continued above all its mission as a consumers’ advocate for veterans. For more information contact the Michigan Legion at 517-371-4720 ext 16,, or visit our website at

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